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  I love books,  print and electronic, and I'm experienced at writing and editing them, whether I'm banging out a book for hire or developing an idea of my own. Here are just a few of the titles that bear my stamp.

Live Healthy Now & Forever

ISBN-13: 978-1892975973


     This handbook provides concise tips for readers who want to live to the fullest - the natural way. All areas of current interest are covered, from diet, nutrition and herbs to exercise and meditation, giving readers an easy-to-follow path to restoring body, mind and spirit. The latest scientific evidence corroborates step-by-step instructions and is presented in a way that's simple to understand. A tool for anyone not interested in reading a huge tome on the subject - short and to the point, full of practical advice on how to lead a healthy life.



Queen Mary 2



Compiled and edited by Jeffrey Laign, this handsomely illustrated collectible commemorates the maiden voyage of one of the grandest ships to sail the seas.

Mysterious Healing Secrets from Around the World




Jeffrey Laign travels the globe in search of alternative healing techniques. In this informative book he covers everything From Chinese herbals and ancient Ayurvedic remedies to European folk practices and amazing plants discovered in the Amazon rain forest.


Slow Down Aging


ASIN: B004​0714CU


Growing older is inevitable but we can look and feel our best by making some simple lifestyle changes. Here's a put-it-in-your-pocket guide packed with practical advice and solutions for turning back the clock.


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